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The service was launched as an independent application in the iOS and Android stores late in 2020 and is currently distributed, among others, in the Apple iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Samsung TV platforms, as well as through its website.

Additionally, Europa+ has agreements with several of the largest pay TV distributors in Latin America, including Claro Brasil and Telecentro of Argentina, which offer the service in their a-la-carte SVOD platforms.


We aim to become the foremost destination for high-quality European television content in the Latin American and Caribbean markets. To this end, we have agreements with most of the leading content producers and distributors in Europe.


The programs are shown in their original languages, and have subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese.


To assist in the selection of programs, Europa+ has enlisted the help of several curators (highly experienced media professionals from Germany, France, and Italy) who continuously review and recommend the latest in European TV content.


Europa+ has an agreement with Streann Media, Inc., based in Miami, for use of its proprietary app and content management system. Streann currently provides App versions for most major platforms: Apple iOS, Android, Roku, FireTV and Samsung, plus it also offers a web-based front end and player.


As a unit of Castalia Communications Corporation, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, the service is managed by a group of seasoned executives.